• Format: ATX
  • Chipset: Intel B760 13e & 12e génération
  • Nom de code: Raptor Lake
  • Socket: 1700
  • Memoires: DDR5
  • Cpus: Intel Core I3/5/7/9 (12e & 13e Gen)
  • Audio (1): Realtek HDA ALC1220
  • Sata (1): Intel B760 Sata III
  • Graphique: Intel Xe UHD Graphics
  • USB 3.x (1): Intel B760 USB 3.2 Gen2
  • Reseau (1): Realtek RTL8125BG (2.5Gb)
  • Reseau (2): Intel I219-V (1Gb)
  • Thunderbolt: 
  • Wireless: Intel AX210 Wifi AX
  • Bluetooth: Intel AX210 Wifi AX
  • Lien officiel: Asus













Version Descriptif Date DL

"Improve System Performance

Updating this BIOS will simultaneously update the corresponding intel ME to version Please note after you update this BIOS, the ME version remains the updated one even if you roll back to an older BIOS later."


"“Before BIOS update, please download Intel ME update tool from ASUS support site, and update ME firmware to Version to ensure optimized system settings.”
1. Improve system stability and compatibility for the next-gen processors
2. Fix the compatibility and instability issues when configuring RAID for high-capacity storage
3. Do update the intel ME to version"



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