Intel Management Engine (ME) Firmware Version (LP)(1.5Mo)


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Intel Management Engine (ME) Firmware Version (LP) 1.5Mo (Old)

Origine: Asus

Date du firmware: 21/08/22

Chipset Stepping: Alder Lake & Raptor Lake ADP-LP A 1.5Mo

Region: Extracted

SKU: Consumer LP 1.5Mo


ME Flash Image Tool:

PMC: [10/06/2022]

PCHC: [06/07/2022]

PHY N: 14.529.507.8255 [26/08/2022]

Inclus: Flash & Firmware.

Note: FWU Image for local FW update.

Release note: security vulnerabilities for your system - Intel has identified security issue that could potentially place impacted platform at risk. - - Added CSME-detection-tool-console.exe for version detection - Updated FWCapUpdate tool to version 4.2 to support CSME detection exe tool - Fix issue wherein after enabling IntelR AMT by HECI command, DhcpDNSSuffix field is empty and RMCP ping does not work - Fix issue wherein LinkManager in IntelR AMT is waiting on RMCP component to process packets in LanLess system - Fix issue wherein the system may encounter black screen after S4 resume - Fix issue wherein BSOD occurerd after IntelR CSME driver update - Mitigated the following security vulnerabilities: CVE-2022-21181, CVE-2022-27497, CVE-2022-29893, CVE-2022-33159, CVE-2022-29515

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Fdrsoft (admin)
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07 Jun 2023
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4,707.29 Kb
File Version: (LP)(1.5Mo)
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