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ssd Question Jmicron JMS583 Sata USB 3.1 Controller Firmware Version

How to backup your nvram (config) and then update the firmware whilst keeping your stock nvram (config)

Tick RD Version

Tick Include JMS57x/8x NVRAM
Tick Backup Old Firmware Only

Click Run

You will now backup your old firmware including Nvram
incase you mess anything up

once that is done

Close it

Open again

Tick RD Version
Load File and browse it to the firmware you want to update to
Untick Include JMS57x/8x NVRAM

Click run

It will now flash the latest firmware but leave the old nvram settings intact

Once that is done you can proceed to backup the new firmware with your nvram settings
if you want like i have done below

Latest Firmware with My Nvram
JMS583-STD-Release-v00.02.01.04-Bus Power (Phison PU31).bin

Latest Firmware From the internet
JMS583-STD-Release-v00.02.01.04-Bus Power.bin

Here's My Factory Firmware backup both with and without nvram
you see the crc32 differences

Last Edit:4 months 2 weeks ago by Shonk
Last edit: 4 months 2 weeks ago by Shonk.

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@Shonk Thanks for the help I was able to back up my firmware's Bin file for my non RGB JEYI enclosure's,now all I have to do is back up my Unionsine RGB enclosure's Bin file so I can update it's firmware.

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I doubt the RGB is anything to do with the JMS583 firmware
but its always better to have a backup and also use the factory nvram
either way
by Shonk

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I read on Aliexpress that one guy said his RGB didn't work the same after updating his firmware,I going to have to wait about 1 or 2 weeks to update mine because I lent mine out to a friend.

I guess I will have to wait and see what happens to my enclosure,I will be sure to post the result's good or bad,I think I may try baking up the bin file of my RGB enclosure first then flashing it with normal firmware and if the RGB doesn't work right I'll flash it with the back up bin file.
Last Edit:4 months 2 weeks ago by Laroldski
Last edit: 4 months 2 weeks ago by Laroldski.

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@Shonk Let's say if something goes wrong if you try different firmware with a different bin file and it goes wrong,do you just need to Tik Include JMS57x/8x NVRAM and use your backed up firmware file.

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