Marvell/Aquantia Firmware Version 4.2.29 (AQx-107)
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Marvell/Aquantia Firmware Version 4.2.29 (AQx-107)

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Marvell AQC107 FW Package

AqDashConfig v0.26:Dash config tool
AqDashAgent v0.26:Dash agent update package Linux version Update package Windows version
How to use self-signed certificates for HTTPS communication.docx: Describes how to create certificates files(crt file and key file)

FW version

What's new

FW Update by manually
1 unzip atlflashupdate package
2.1.1 [Windows] run CMD as Administrator
2.1.2 cd ...\atlflashupdate_x.x.x_x.x.xxdash
2.1.3 atlflashupdate.exe -s
2.2.1 [Linux] tar -zxvf xxxx.tar.gz
2.2.2 chomod 777 atlflashupdate
2.2.3 ./atlflashupdate -s -a 'device_name', device name can check with command 'ifconfig'

Note:only support PCI\VEN_1D6A&DEV_07B1&SUBSYS_104617AA

FW Update by DASH
please follow AMC Console or Dashcli User guide to update FW via DASH

Note: if use Dash to update FW, don't unzip the atlflashupdate_x.x.x_x.x.xxdash

Enable DASH
1 run CMD or Powershell as Administrator
2.1 AqDashConfig.exe exclusive --mac --ip --device
2.2 AqDashConfig.exe shared --device
3.1 AqDashAgent.exe install

Note:If system have two or more AQC107/AQN107, --device is must, can check in device manager.
Only onboard AQC107 support DASH.
In exclusive mode, DASH MAC address must different tartget's MAC address, DASH IP address have same rule.

1 run CMD or Powershell as Administrator
2 AqDashConfig.exe disable
3 AqDashAgent.exe uninstall

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