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Nvidia GeForce graphics driver 398.82 WHQL / 398.86&98 beta Hotfix

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No no bro, i do really mean 378.92 WHQL as staying probably one of the best drivers for Kepler GPUs. (600/700 series)
and even on Maxwell GPUs most of time, yeah !

Even if it is a quite old driver, it stay quite stable and pretty good on RS2, RS3 and even RS4 for sure.

Latest drivers are rarely forcibly the most performers at graphic level. They are more optimized for such and such game and may fix several known issues present in most previous drivers and few other stuff of course.

Depending if you want prioritize with more quality or performace or by using balanced settings anyway.

More you will use a lot of filters and more you will lose in perf with possible FPS issues. High quality video settings are generaly at a such price in gaming use.

Unless using strong gpu models/products, it is an important fact that must be considered over all.

Any good hardcore gamer must know how to set such and such stuff with his own personal prefered setting options to express all his talent
in a specific game.

Actualy, i regulary mount custom Desktop PCs for many of my clients and friends based on Kepler GPUs like :
GTX 660/GTX 660 Ti/GTX 680/GTX 760/GTX 760 Ti/GTX 780/GTX 780 Ti

GTX 660 and GTX 660 Ti are particulary interesting 'cause they don't consum too much electricity with medium or quite low TDP and not too much important amperage.
GTX 760/GTX 760 Ti as well by the way.

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