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Nvidia Quadro Graphics driver 456.71 WHQL (QNF)

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Nvidia Quadro Graphics driver 456.71 WHQL (QNF)

Version : R455 U2 (456.71)
Release Date : 2020.10.7

Release Notes :

Release 455 is a Quadro New Feature (QNF) driver. QNF drivers provide users the flexibility to try new features made available outside the launch cycle of longer-lived Optimal Driver for Enterprise (ODE) branches. QNF drivers are tested for workstation environments and are recommended only for those users who need specific features mentioned in the release highlights or release notes.

Quadro Release 455 comprises the entire suite of Quadro features, as well as all NVIDIA Studio Driver features.

For the most stable and fully supported enterprise driver please use the ODE graphics drivers downloadable from the main NVIDIA driver download page.

New in Release R455 U2 :

Added security updates for driver components.
(See the NVIDIA Security Bulletin 5075 for details.)

Added support for the NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000 notebook GPU

Fixed Issues in Release R455 U2 :

[DaVinci Resolve] : Performance drop occurs.

Open Issues in Release R455 U2 :

[Alchemist] : The application crashes when either changing the display resolution or switching to another display with a different resolution.
To workaround, avoid changing the resolution, or disconnecting from or connecting to an external display with the application opened.

NVS/Plex/Quadro/RTX/Sync + M Series
Win 10 x64

Classic / Standard driver :

DCH driver :

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