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NVidia Linux display driver 390.151 for Legacy products

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NVidia Linux display driver 390.151-(May 16, 2022) for Legacy products (Fermi GPUs and up)

Release highlights since 390.147 :

Fixed a bug that could prevent nvidia-installer from detecting the scripts/sign-file kernel module signing tool when using separate kernel source and output directories.

Fixed a bug which prevented kernel modules linked from precompiled kernel interface object files from being loaded on recent Linux kernels. This affected custom packages which were prepared with nvidia-installer’s --add-this-kernel option, for example.

Fixed a driver installation failure on Linux kernel 5.17 release candidates, where the NVIDIA kernel module failed to build with error “implicit declaration of function ‘PDE’”.

x86_x64 :

x86 :

Read-me :

Supported products :
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