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Intel Chipset Device Software Version 10.1.19074.8314 WHQL


Submitted On:
30 Jun 2022
  • Date du package: 23/03/22
  • Version du package: 10.1.19074.8314
  • WHQL: oui
  • Officiel: non
  • Sous:
  • Microsoft Windows 11
  • Microsoft Windows* 10 x86(only for Intel® Atom™ / Celeron®/ Pentium® Processor)
  • Microsoft Windows* 10 x64
  • Microsoft Windows* Server 2022
  • Microsoft Windows* Server 2019 x64
  • Microsoft Windows* Server 2016 x64
  • Microsoft Windows* Server 2012 R2 x64
  • Systeme: 32/64bits (X86 & X64)
  • Pour: (Z690, Z590, Z490, Z390, Z370, Z270, Z170, H270, H110, B250, Z97, Z87, ...) Serie 100/200/300/400/500/600/….
  • Version & Chipsets:
  • Public: AlderLake 
  • Public: AlderLake PCH-P Public: Tigerlake Public: Server_Common Public: AlderLakePCH-S Public: RocketLake Public: CometLakePCH-V Public: JasperLakePCH-N Public: CometLakePCH-H Public: CometLake Public: JasperLake+ Public: LakeField Public: CometLakePCH-LP Public: ElkhartLake Public: TigerlakePCH-LP Public: IceLakePCH-N Public: IceLake Public: ApolloLake Public: CannonLake-H Public: CannonLake-LP Public: Coffeelake Public: Geminilake Public: IceLakePCH-LP Public: KabyLakePCH-H Public: Kabylake Public: Lewisburg Public: Skylake Public: SunrisePoint-H Public: SunrisePoint-LP
  • Langues: Multi
  • Forum:
  • Lien officiel:
  • Release note: Add chipset AlderLake
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Submitted On:
30 Jun 2022
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10.1.19074.8314 WHQL
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