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disk รวมกัน Driver Intel SATA ou Microsoft ?

Replied by Tom on topic Driver Intel SATA ou Microsoft ?

Posted 1 ปี 2 เดือน ที่ผ่านมา #958
I made previously some tests about Read/Write speed and different combinations of SATA and NVME drivers.
Best result I had was using the Microsoft Standard SATA driver and the Community Samsung NVME driver followed by a margin with the  Microsoft Standard SATA driver and the Microsoft Standard NVME Controller.

As Fernando said, you should test by yourself (Restore Points before tests !!!), but one huge advantage by using the Microsoft Standard NVME Controller is, that the NVME card is recognized by the tools of the NVME SSD manufacturer, which wasn't the case using the Samsung NVME driver for my Crucial and WD NVME drives.

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Last edit: 1 ปี 2 เดือน ที่ผ่านมา by Tom.

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