hdd2 Question Jmicron JMS-583 NVMe/USB 3.1 Controller firmware Version

Replied by Laroldski on topic Jmicron JMS-583 NVMe/USB 3.1 Controller firmware Version

Posted 2 个月 3 周 � #2533
Hi everyone

I order one of these Unionsine enclosure's and it use's a JMS583 controller in the listing and I have flashed other enclosure's that use the JMS583 controller.

My question is this enclosure use's RBG and the other enclosure I own don't use RBG will this matter and do I need to try and find the firmware for this enclosure or will any JMS583 firmware work.

I also tried googling Unionsine but every single result is down when I click on it and it's been that way for a few days now.

New enclosure.

Old enclosure's I have flashed with JMS583

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