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[DRIVERS] Realtek High Definition Audio Codecs (HDA/UAD)

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4 年 1 个月 前 - 4 年 1 个月 前 #95 Le Grec
Take a look. I just installed your latest UAD drivers. Do you think something might not be working well and change back to bulky but good old faithful Generic drivers or keep using UAD instead?

Also, don't pay attention to MSI's website. They stopped updating anything there regarding Z97 motherboards. I even had to use UBU utility in order to update the latest Microcode ( v 24 meltdown/spectre fixes ) and IDE/ATAPI controllers to latest version 14.xx.xx for my SSDs. And all these keeping MSI's latest BIOS that hasn't been upgraded for long time ( v2.9 ). I heard version 15.xx.xx. for IDE/ATAPI might screw my system since it's for newer chipsets.

By the way, my M/B came with version 13.xx.xx for my AHCI controller, but took the risk and installed the latest 14 with the latest driver for and all working perfectly:

P.S. Do you need any other screenshot of the "Details Panel" in order to determine if the UAD drivers are truly combatible with my M/B?
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4 年 1 个月 前 #96 ektorasdj
I think that's why thx trustudio pro doesnt work: it doenst take over realtek control panel sound enchantments on windows 10 (/compability) and you need a 3rd party program like equalizer apo to work from there.(I have already restored the sound enchantments to realtek control panel because i didnt like the effect thx studio pro made),

My Hardware id number is this :

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4 年 1 个月 前 - 4 年 4 周 前 #97 erpster96
I think you are okay with 8485 UAD driver on your MSI Z97 board, Le Grec (even though I could not find the specific hardware ID number listed in the HDXMSI.INF file of the 8485 UAD driver as long as the driver is setup thru the HDXRT.INF file and the HDX_GenericExt_RTK.inf "extension" file; not all UAD drivers contain that "generic" extension INF file). you just need a Realtek Audio Console UWP app from the MS store (you may get an MSI OEM version of Realtek audio console instead of the normal Realtek audio UWP app)

When I installed 8459 UAD driver from Gigabyte last month, I have the following in this screenshot (with a Gigabyte version of the Realtek audio console):

Note to ektorasdj: a few years ago on my relative's Dell Inspiron 580 PC with Realtek ALC3220 driver (v8036) installed thru the HDXTHXD.INF file on Win10, I had X-FI MB2 (MSI) version with Realtek Sound Effects options in Realtek HD audio manager intact (screenshot below):

the HDXTHXD.INF file seem to also install the mbapo232.dll & mbapo264.dll files along with some EFX, MFX & SFX registry entries that allow X-FI MB2 and/or THX Trustudio PC/Pro to actually work under Win8.1 & Win10. by the way, the hardware ID # used on the Dell Inspiron 580 PC is "HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_10EC&DEV_0887&SUBSYS_10280438" - I won't use any UAD drivers on the Dell computer because that PC is old and can't effectively handle the UAD drivers; I'll use the HDA (nonUAD) FF10 driver packs on the Dell computer instead.
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4 年 1 个月 前 #98 ektorasdj
I tried what you suggested and no luck. The file i used was HDXTHX.INF which had my hardware id on it and also installs the files tha you said. Still the thx pro studio while it takes away the enchantments from the control panel, when i use the sliders to change the sound effect nothing changes like before.
Thanks for everything but it doesnt to seem to work out of the box in windows 10 and with equalizer apo the effect isnt worth it(on the contrary it is worse).

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4 年 4 周 前 - 4 年 4 周 前 #100 erpster96

ex58 写道:: Realtek HD Audio Driver WHQL

FF00 Generic
FF01 with FMAPO integration
FF03 with Nahimic integration
FF04 with CXAPO integration
FF06 with MaxxAudio integration
FF10 with Creative integration
FF0C with DTS/SST integration

Win 7,10 x32/64
PackageVersion = PG467

8485 UAD

Win 10 x64

hi ex58. I have decided to "repack" the 8485 UAD driver, moving some of the files and folders around so that the Realtek UAD driver setup program will detect the onboard Realtek audio device and install the correct driver files and components (no 3rd party extension INFs & components included). if no specific HWID is found, the UAD driver setup program will just pick the HDXRT.inf file and the HDX_GenericExt_RTK.inf extension file and install the other Realtek software components automatically.

here's the repacked 8485 UAD driver - I tested this on some of my older PCs using older Realtek audio chips but using at least Win10 X64 RS2+
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4 年 4 周 前 - 4 年 4 周 前 #101 ex58
Realtek HD Audio Driver WHQL

OEM drivers only (UAD)

MSI (Nahimic)
MSI (Creative)
Dell (Nahimic)

Win 10 x64
PackageVersion = PG467
Last edit: 4 年 4 周 前 by ex58.
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