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A8.1 beta   02/05/18  
A.7 -  Improved AMD Graphic card compatibility.
-  Improved memory compatibility.
-  Support PSC B-die DDR3 Memory
-  Fixed Realtek lan still can work after disable "Onboard LAN Controller" in BIOS.
-  Updated VBIOS and GOP Driver.
-  Hide item "IGD Multi-Monitor" when "Initiate Graphic Adapter" set to IGD.
A.6 -  Enhanced EIST function when use non turbo boost CPU.
-  Improved USB device compatibility.
-  Improved S3 function.
-  Improved PS2 device compatibility when "MSI Fast Boot" is enabled.
-  Improved compatibility.
A.5 -  Improved Intel Rapid Start Technology function.
-  Enhanced MSI M-Flash function.
-  Improved system resume function.
-  Improved 4TB HDD Compatibility.
-  Updated BIOS Code.
 A.3  -  Improved RAID card compatibility.-  Improved VGA compatibility.-  Improved memory compatibility.
-  Improved USB compatibility.
A.1 Update CPU Micro Code.-  Update VBIOS version to v.2177 & GOP Driver version to v.5.0.1034 .
-  Update MSI Multi Language module.-  Support Rocket 62X/62XM SATA PCIE card.-  Improved memory compatibility.









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