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B150M Pro4

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Version Descriptif date info Flash Dos Win
2.20 1.Update EZ mode.
2.Update NTFS module.
3.Support HDD with Advanced format 4K sector size.
4.Improve DRAM compatibility.
1.80 1.Modify Fan behavior.
2.Update Microcode to 0x76
3.Increase DRAM compatibility.
1.70 1.Update microcode to 0x74.
2.Improve DRAM compatibility.
1.60 1. Update MICROCODE and ME
2. Improve PCIe, memory compatibility
3. Update "DDR4 non-Z OC" table
4. Improve Windows 10 boot sequence.
1.40 1. Improve DRAM compatibility.
2. Add Vcore offset option.
1.20 Improve system stability. 03/09/15  



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