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Z170A PRO (MS7971)

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Version Descriptif date info DL
1K1 beta   11/05/18  
1J2 beta   02/02/18  
1J1 beta   26/10/17  
1I1 beta   20/04/17  
1.H -  Enhanced M.2 Genie function.
-  Improved Board Explorer function.
-  Improved NVME device compatibility.
-  Updated VBIOS and GOP.
-  Support multi graphic cards
1.H1 beta   14/12/16  
1.G Improved memory compatibility. 23/11/16  
1.F Supported next generation new Intel CPU. 19/10/16  
1.E0 beta   19/10/16  
1.D Modify GPIO setting. 30/08/16  
1.B -  Updated RC 1.9
-  Improved Intel 750 NVME compatibility.
-  Updated VBIOS and GOP.
-  Improved memory compatibility. 






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