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Version Descriptif date info DL
1.7   06/08/14  
1.6 Improved Intel Rapid Start Technology function. -  Enhanced MSI M-Flash function. -  Improved system resume function. -  Improved 4TB HDD Compatibility. -  Updated BIOS Code.  09/06/14   
1.5 Support Haswell-R CPU.
-  "Integrated Graphics Share Memory" support 512M and 1024M options. 
1.4 Support RocketRaid 2310 / 620 RAID card.-  Improved memory compatibility.  27/11/13  
1.3 -  Update CPU Micro Code.-  Update ME firmware version to v.  Update VBIOS version to v.2178.-  Update MSI Multi Language module.-  Improved memory compatibility.  14/11/13   
1.2   Update CPU Micro Code.-  Update GOP Driver to 5.0.1035.-  Update USB modules version to v.4.6.3_USB_08.10.28.-  Update MFLASH module.-  Update MSI Multi Language module.
-  Improved memory compatibility.