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Realtek HD Audio (UAD) Drivers Version R2.8x (9667.1) WHQL


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Date & Version du drivers: 04/09/2024, 6.0.9667.1

Origine: Asus (For Laptop & Desktop, Tower, mainboard Only)

WHQL: 11/04/24

Officiel: non

Sous: Windows 10/11

Systèmes: 64bits (X64)

Realtek Audio Control Panel: Version 1.51.327

Inclus: Dolby, Apo, Asio, ...

Pack Version: R2.8x (4.79)

Pour: ALC269 \ ALC680 \ ALC663 \ ALC3229 \ ALC668 \ ALC283 \ ALC3236 \ ALC3236-VB2-CG \ ALC3251 \ ALC286S \ ALC295 \ ALC274 \ ALC233-VB2-CG \ ALC1150 \ ALC887 \ ALC3288 \ ALC255 \ ALC1220X-VA3-CG \ ALC298 \ ALC1220X-VB2-CGT \ ALC897....


Release note :

Langues: Multi: oui

Submitted By:
Fdrsoft (admin)
Submitted On:
16 Jun 2024
File Size:
File Version:
R2.8x (9667.1) WHQL
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