Marvell/Aquantia Firmware Version 3.1.118 (AQx-100/107/111)
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Marvell/Aquantia Firmware Version 3.1.118 (AQx-100/107/111)

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Marvell/Aquantia Firmwares sous Windows:

Marvell/Aquantia AQC-100 Version 3.1.118 (ROM=3.0.192, PCI 3.1.1)

Marvell/Aquantia AQC-107 Version 3.1.118 (ROM=3.0.192, PCI 3.1.1)

Marvell/Aquantia AQC-111 Version 3.1.118 (ROM=3.0.192, PCI 3.1.1)

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Motherboards with 10GbE/5GbE
ASRock Fatal1ty X299 Professional Gaming i9 XE
ASRock Fatal1ty X399 Professional Gaming
ASRock Fatal1ty X370 Professional Gaming
ASRock Fatal1ty Z370 Professional Gaming i7
ASRock X470 Taichi Ultimate
ASRock Z390 Taichi Ultimate
ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Professional Gaming i7
ASRock Z270 SuperCarrier

NIC, TB3 dongles, and TB3 docking stations
Aquantia AQtion 10G Pro NIC
Aquantia AQtion 10G Gaming NIC
Aquantia AQtion 5G Pro NIC
Aquantia AQtion SFP+ NIC
Gigabyte GC-AQC107
Promise SANLink3 N1
Sonnet Solo10G SFP+ Thunderbolt 3
Sonnet Technologies Solo 10G Thunderbolt 3
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25 Feb 2021
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Than Dang 2021-02-05 21:16:48 The requested URL /download/Aquantia/Marvell_FlashUpdate_3.1.118( was not found on this server.
WetU 2021-02-06 03:41:29 correct download link
Fdrsoft 2021-02-06 06:53:03 Sorry fixed link
Gofran 2021-02-08 18:12:40 i have z490 with version 3.1.90 any tips how to update it says 1 Marvell 10G Ethernet connection 3.1.90 Not available 07B1-87571043