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Users' password are stored... in plaintext? was created by aphanic

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Hi, I am a new user, registered through the main site (not the forum, in case there is another registration procedure here). After filling in the details (there were no options in the language selector by the way), I got to the point of validating my account through a link in an email. The message had gone to the junk folder, no problem, but I what I saw besides the activation link worried me: it also contained my username and my password in plaintext, meaning not only it is not being salted before being sent to the server, but it is also not even encrypted.

How come? I mean, not only it is non-standard, but it need not add computation cost server-side (encryption and all would happen locally). In my case it is not a problem, my password is a random string of characters of a certain length, but it baffled me when I saw WebAuthn is supported in the site (the Web authentication button above the traditional login one), something that really not many other sites support.
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Hello yes weird I will see immediately otherwise if you are registered on the site you are also registered on the Forum (identical account)
thanks i will check it out 

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