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audio Question Realtek HDA/UAD/Component Drivers

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Replied by Tom on topic Realtek HDA/UAD/Component Drivers

Posted 1 个月 2 天 � #3017

Isn't the last released Realtek HDA drive version 6.0.9326.1
from 15th March 2022?
The only ones i found are from Dell, though they write Realtek High Definition Audio Drivers, they are UAD drivers.
Another source I found is from Tenforums, but these seems to be not WHQL certified (probably modded).


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Replied by erpster96 on topic Realtek HDA/UAD/Component Drivers

Posted 1 个月 2 天 � #3018
6.0.9326.1 HDA FF00 is signed by Realtek only and not "co-signed" by Microsoft, which is non-WHQL
(it's not modded, Tom)
treat 6.0.9326.1 HDA as if it were a beta driver (like with those nVidia based graphics beta drivers or like with these
recent nVidia graphics drivers for Win7/Win8.x mentioned by Neowin , which are non-WHQL)

latest Microsoft WHQL certified HDA driver version remains at 6.0.9273.1
Last Edit:1 个月 2 天 � erpster96
Last edit: 1 个月 2 天 � by erpster96.
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Replied by erpster96 on topic Realtek HDA/UAD/Component Drivers

Posted 1 个月 1 天 � #3019
v6.0.9667.1 UAD Asus {MB/desktop board} driver from ASUS (posted 6/03/2024)
-note: this 9667.1 Asus driver package contains both 6.0.9667.1 & 6.0.9496.1 driver versions
-the actual 6.0.9667.1 Asus driver version is found in the \Audio\88E7\ folder along with Realtek Audio Control UWP app v1.51.327.0
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Replied by admin on topic Realtek HDA/UAD/Component Drivers

Posted 1 个月 1 天 � #3020

Thx  erpster96

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Replied by MichelN86 on topic Realtek HDA/UAD/Component Drivers

Posted 4 周 1 天 � #3023
Realtek Audio UAD 6.0.9679.1: (clevo)

Realtek Audio Effects Component 13.470.1195.294:
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Last edit: 4 周 1 天 � by MichelN86.
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