• Format: ATX
  • Chipset: Intel Z790 13e génération
  • Nom de code: Raptor Lake
  • Socket: 1700
  • Memoires: DDR4
  • Cpus: Intel Core I3/5/7/9 (12e & 13e Gen)
  • Audio (1): Realtek HDA ALC1220
  • Sata (1): Intel Z790 Sata III
  • Graphique: Intel Xe UHD Graphics
  • USB 3.x (1): Intel Z790 USB 3.2
  • Reseau (1): Intel I225V (2.5Gb)
  • Thunderbolt:
  • Wireless/Bluetooth: 
  • Lien officiel:










Version Descriptif Date DL

1. Introduce the ""Performance Preferences"" with options for Intel Default Settings (Performance/Extreme) and ASUS Advanced OC Profile.
2. Redefine the factory defaults based on Intel’s new ""Intel Default Settings"" for various CPU SKUs.
3. Change F5 from ""Load Optimized Defaults"" to ""Reset to Defaults"".
4. Add warnings when users switch from the defaults to other settings.


Further optimized CEP settings when disabled

1640 beta

• Update the Intel microcode to version 0x123, allowing for disabling CEP for improved performance on Intel 14th Gen non-K series processors.
*Disabling CEP for performance enhancement may lead to increased power consumption and temperature. Ensure adequate CPU cooling or use a higher-spec cooling solution;
**Intel CEP function varies by the CPU model. Check Intel specification sheet or contact technical support for details."


1. Improve system compatibility.
2. Support for USB4 PCIE GEN4 Card


Support graphics card with M.2 storage


"1. Update ME to version
2. Improve system performance
3. Improve DRAM compatibility


1. Update Microcode for next-gen Intel Processors
2. Update ME to version for next-gen Intel Processors
3. Improve system stability
Updating this BIOS will simultaneously update the corresponding Intel ME to version16.1.30.2264v2. Please note after you update this BIOS, the ME version remains the updated one even if you roll back to an older BIOS later.


Information ! Some drivers required the activation of the option in the setup of your motherboard (GNA, DTT, Serial IO, ...)
Intel Chipset Device Software Drivers For Chipsets Serie 700 (Raptore Lake) 13/14gen (?) 11/06/24
NC Version 10.1.19768.8554 Version 10.1.19768.8554 Version 10.1.19768.8554

Intel Management Engine Interface (MEI) Drivers For Chipsets Series 700 (Raptore Lake) 13/14gen 15/04/24
Download Download Download
Version Version 2413.5.67.0 Version 2413.5.67.0 Version 2413.5.67.0

Intel Rapid Storage Technology (RST)  Drivers For Chipset Serie 700 (Raptore Lake) 13/14gen 19/05/24
Download Download Download
NC Version Version Version

Intel Dynamic Tuning Technology (DTT) for chipsets Series 700 (Raptore Lake) 13/14gen 18/04/24
NC NC Version 9.0.11406.42226 Version 9.0.11406.42226

Intel HID Event Filter Drivers for chipsets Series 700 (Raptore Lake) 13/14gen 29/04/24
Download Download Download
NC NC Version Version

Intel Serial IO Drivers For chipsets Series 700 (Raptore Lake) 13/14gen 04/04/24
NC NC Version 30.100.2351.81 Version 30.100.2351.81

Intel Xe UHD Graphics Drivers for chipsets Series 700 (Raptore Lake) 13/14gen 29/05/24
download download Download
NC NC Version WHQL Version WHQL
NC NC Version non WHQL  Version non WHQL 

Realtek Generic Audio (HDA) or Manufacturer Audio (UAD) Drivers (For Asus ALC-1200, ALC897, ... ) 06/06/24
Download Download download
NC NC Version 6.0.9652.1 (UAD) Version 6.0.9652.1 (UAD) 
NC Version 6.0.9239.1 (HDA) Version 6.0.9239.1 (HDA) Version 6.0.9239.1 (HDA)

Intel I225, I226-V, LM, Killer E3100, ... Gigabyte Ethernet (2.5Gbe) Controllers Drivers 24/05/24
Download Download Download
Miscellaneous Version ( Version ( Version (

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