Intel ME Firmware Version (5Mo)
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Intel ME Firmware Version (5Mo)

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Version -First ME FW 8.1 version to be released to support ME Software V11.0 for the Windows 10 launch.    -Fixed an issue where receiving a malformed packet in the Management Engine Network stack could trigger and denial of service.    -Implemented HDCP 2.2 Errata for Intel(R) WiDi support.

Version -Removed SSL 3.0 support from Intel(R) ME Firmware, as SSL 3.0 was vulnerable to the Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy (POODLE) attack     Version -Fixed an issue with AuditLog records reporting invalid Kerberos user SIDs on networks that span multiple domains.

Version -Fixed an issue with undesired firmware resets and failures to open KVM sessions (the latter effecting integrated-Intel graphics systems only).    -Fixed an issue where ARP replies were broadcasted instead of unicast to the ARP source.

Version -Fixed an issue where if the DNS infrastructure is implemented with a trailing dot ending the FQDN, provisioning with PKI fails.    -Fixed an issue Where sending altered Get requests over local interface causes FW reset.    -Fixed an issue where the Intel MEI link initialization may not complete.

Version -Decreased link protection host connection and reconnection timers from 5 seconds to 3 seconds.    -Fixed an issue where the user is able to perform commit changes and move Intel® AMT to POST state by using local connection and Intel® MEBX password.    -Fixed an issue where Magic Packet does not wake SBA systems in PP2 when moving from G3 to S5/AC.    -Fixed an issue where customers with IP settings where DNS server or gateway server are multicast firmware may reject the IP settings.    -Fixed an issue where excessive writes by LMS with FQDN data to flash could cause system to fail to boot.    -Fixed an issue when two or more agents have been created, deleting any agent created after the first will prevent the invocation of actions of the first agent.    -Fixed a problem where User Consent is set to “Required” with ACM provisioned systems despite being set to “Not Required”.    -Eliminated Intel® ME event log writes when Intel® AMT is un-provisioned.    -Fixed a problem where Intel® AMT crashes after pushing SMBIOS table with long strings.    -Fixed an issue where the integrated graphic adapter VGA/HDMI/DVI cannot display and system may not boot under temperature sensitive conditions.    -Added Embedded Host Based Configuration (EHBC).    -Fixed a problem where CILA WS-Events are buffered for ~30 seconds and are not sent immediately.    -Fixed a problem where SUT will shut down instead of performing a warm reset.    -Fixed a problem where Intel® AMT fails to represent SUT memory device over WSMAN interface if its internal key contains a prefix of whitespaces.    -Fixed a problem where Wireless SOL and IDER sessions occasionally end unexpectedly.    -Fixed a problem where a remote attacker with valid credential may take down Intel® ME until the next Moff -> M0 transition.    -Fixed a problem where under rare corner case conditions involving power loss during manufacturing or ME un-configuration (via BIOS or CMOS clear), ME file system may be corrupted.

Version -Intial support for Windows 8.

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