• Format: ATX
  • Chipset: Intel Z690 12e génération
  • Code Name: Alder Lake
  • Socket: 1700
  • Cpus: Intel Core I3/5/7/9
  • Audio (1): Realtek HDA ALC4080
  • Audio (2): 
  • Sata (1): Intel Z690 Sata III
  • Graphique: Intel Xe UHD Graphics
  • USB 3.x (1): Intel Z690 USB 3.1
  • Reseau (1): Intel I225 (2.5Gb)
  • Reseau (2): 
  • Wireless: Intel Wireless AX210
  • Bluetooth: Intel Bluetooth AX210
  • Lien Constructeur:










Version Descriptif Date DL
3302 Update the Intel microcode to version 0x123, allowing for disabling CEP for improved performance on Intel 14th Gen non-K series processors*
 Disabling CEP for performance enhancement may lead to increased power consumption and temperature. Ensure adequate CPU cooling or use a higher-spec cooling solution.
*Intel CEP function varies by the CPU model. Check your CPU's specifications or reach out to its technical support for more information.

2802 1. Update Microcode for next-gen Intel Processors
2. Update ME to version for next-gen Intel Processors
3. Improve system stability

Updating this BIOS will simultaneously update the corresponding intel ME to version Please note after you update this BIOS, the ME version remains the updated one even if you roll back to an older BIOS later.

2602 1. Improve system stability and compatibility for the next-gen processors
2. Fix the compatibility and instability issues when configuring RAID for high-capacity storage
3. Do update the intel ME to version
2305 1-Improve system performance and security.
2-Support ME update function
3-Improve AURA SW experience
4-Improve DRAM stability
“Please back up your Bitlocker recovery key and suspend Bitlocker encryption in the operating system before updating your BIOS or ME firmware.”
2204 1- Improved DRAM compatibility
2- Improved system compatibility and stability
3- Update Intel ME firmware
2103 1. Improve system overclocking stability on 13th Gen Intel Processors
2. Update Microcode for 13th Gen Intel Processors
3. Update Microcode for 12th Gen Intel Processors
2004 1. Improve system performance
2. Update ME version to
1720 "1. Improve system stability
2. Update Microcode for next generation Intel Processors.
1601 .Update Microcode for next generation Intel Processors. 08/07/22
1505 "1. Improve DRAM stability 02/06/22
1403 1. Update Intel Microcode
2. Update Intel ME version
3. Improve system performance for Intel Core i9-12900KS
1304 - Improve system performance and compatibility.
- Update AURA firmware
1003 01. Improve system performance and Window 11 OS stability.
02. Update USB PD FW to 1.0F.
03. Update Intel ME FW to V3
04. Add Thunderbolt FW update method for onboard Thunderbolt models and ThunderboltEX 4 Card support models
05. Update Intel microcode.
06. Improve DRAM compatibility
07. Change PCIe speed hotkey item from F9 to F6.
0803 1.Improve System Performance and stability
2.Improve device compatibility.
3.Support Legacy Game Compatibility Mode to fix DRM (Digital Rights Management) issue.
4.Improve DRAM stability
0702 1. Improve system performance
2. Update Intel ME firmware v16.0.15.1545



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