• Format: ATX
  • Chipset: Intel Z790 12e13e/14e génération
  • Nom de code: Raptor Lake
  • Socket: 1700
  • Memoires: DDR4
  • Cpus: Intel Core I3/5/7/9 (12e/13e/14e Gen)
  • Audio (1): Realtek UAD ALC1220
  • Sata (1): Intel Z790 Sata III
  • Graphique: Intel Xe UHD Graphics
  • USB 3.x (1): Intel Z790 USB 3.1
  • Reseau (1): Intel I226-V (2.5Gb)
  • Reseau (2): 
  • Thunderbolt: 
  • Wireless: Intel AX4xx Wifi 7
  • Bluetooth: Intel AX4xx Wifi 7
  • Lien officiel: Z790 GAMING WIFI7













Version Descriptif date DL

"• Update the Intel microcode to version 0x123, allowing for disabling CEP for improved performance on Intel 14th Gen non-K series processors.
*Disabling CEP for performance enhancement may lead to increased power consumption and temperature. Ensure adequate CPU cooling or use a higher-spec cooling solution;
**Intel CEP function varies by the CPU model. Check Intel specification sheet or contact technical support for details."


Support high-capacity DDR5 memory kits. (up to total in 256GB).




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