Intel Management Engine (ME) Firmware Version
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Intel Management Engine (ME) Firmware Version

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Date & Version: 2021/01/13, (1.5Mo)

Release: Production

SKU: Consumer H

Type: Region Stock

Plateform: KBP/BSF-H A SPT-H D

Revision: D0

Pour: Intel 100/200/300-series Consumer S&H chipsets

Inclus: Firmware 1.5Mo & Utilities

Release Note: (Fix) Mitigated the following security vulnerabilities: CVE-2020-24586, CVE-2020-24587, CVE-2020-24588 -(Fix) Fixed an issue wherein Intel(R) Boot Guard ACM value shows 0 after resuming from S3.
-(Fix) Fixed an issue where No Post intermittently happens when powering on the system.
Enhancement to address Security vulnerability CVE-2020-8696, CVE-2020-8698, CVE-2020-8695, CVE-2020-8694.Enhancement to address Security vulnerability CVE-2020-10255.Enhancement to address Security vulnerability LEN-48100 Yngwei-Vul6 Security update Addresses security vulnerabilities CVE-2020-8705, CVE-2020-8750, CVE-2020-8747, CVE-2020-8753, CVE-2020-8754, CVE-2020-8746, CVE-2020-8760, CVE-2020-8756, CVE-2020-8745, CVE-2020-8744, CVE -2020-8757, CVE-2020-8761, CVE-2020-8755, CVE-2020-8751, CVE-2020-8752,CVE-2020-8749, CVE-2020-12297, CVE-2020-12303, CVE-2020-12304, CVE-2020-12354, CVE-2020-12355, CVE-2020-12356  Security update. Security update. Resolved a TLS provisioning issue resulting in a yellow bang on the Management Engine Interface device in the Device Manager. Security update. Fixed a login issue with Intel AMT WebUI when using Google Chrome. Security update.Resolves an issue where PXE boot may not work if AMT is configured. Resolves an issue where the mouse and keyboard will not wake the display when a KVM session is opened. Resolves an issue where ME may not function after a FW update. Security update. Resolves a global reset issue when enabling and disabling Intel ME from BIOS setup. Resolves an issue with Intel ME becoming non-functional after a FW update. Resolves AMT provisioning issues. Security update. Fixes a power on issue after enabling or disabling AMT features in system BIOS. Fixes an issue where older versions of the FWUpdate tool fail to flash/update the Intel ME FW. Fixes an issue with MEInfoWin64.exe erroneously reporting unsupported hardware/platform.


! Station-Drivers ne peut pas être tenu pour responsable en cas de problème !

(! Station-Drivers can not be held responsible in the event of a problem !

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15 Mar 2021
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